Woodland Cemetery

About this Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery was first established in 1874. The cemetery is not marked on the 1874 Atlas, however the land is shown to be owned by S. L Wilson. Many of the neighboring family names from the 1874 census can be found in this cemetery, such as Cole, Jones, Kentch, McKinley, Pedigo, and Rule.

According to a previous index of the cemetery in the 1970s, the land was deeded to the Woodland Cemetery Improvement Association on 9 Sep 1908 by Samuel L Winston. The cemetery is marked on the 1902 Atlas on land owned by S L Wilson. The Crandall and Rule families are close neighbors. In 1922 Atlas we find the land surrounding the cemetery is owned by J H Winston.

This cemetery has suffered a great deal of damage, and is known to have suffered vandalism. There are many broken and obviously missing stones. It is known through stories of those in the area that there are other unmarked burials in the cemetery. Due to the number of unidentified burials, it is difficult to evaluate the activity in the cemetery.

From local oral history and emails I have received, it is known that Mary, Ada, and Gertrude Pedigo, three daughters of William X, perished from a flu epidemic in 1906. William's Aunt Calphurey (Callie) also passed away that same year. According to local resident Clayton Richardson, Charles E and William H Pedigo (son and grandson of William X) were killed by a train in Spring Hill, KS, on 24 Jul 1936.

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