Tomahawk Cemetery

About this Cemetery

This cemetery is located on top of a hill on Old Metcalf Ave and has a beautiful view. Entrance to the cemetery is off of 133rd Street, and an on the front side facing Old Metcalf it is fronted by a high rock retaining wall.

During a street widening project in the early 1990s, the City of Overland Park identified 30 obvious graves that would have to be relocated to another area of the cemetery to accommodate utilities. Some graves were missing headstones and many stones were illegible. The Johnson County Historical Society provided an earlier reading of the cemetery, and the City placed notices in newspapers to notify descendents.

Prior to relocation, the City had a service at the cemetery that was attended by a few descendents. Some of the graves identified had headstones that were moved, and for those missing headstones, new granite markers were be placed. While moving the graves, a large number of unmarked graves were uncovered, moved, and also marked. There are a total of 65 marked unknown graves.

Tanner and fellow Scouts
Tanner Lapine headed up a clean-up project at Tomahawk Cemetery on 28 Oct 2006 for his Eagle Scout project. Tanner was assisted by his family, scouts, and supporters and in short order they trimmed up the trees, cleaned the stones, planted roses, painted the sign, and cleaned up all the debris. Kudos to Tanner and friends for a job well done!