Murphy Family Cemetery

About this Cemetery

The land where the Murphy Cemetery is located was first patented to Horace white, a Shawnee Indian. White sold this portion of land to N. W Murphy on on 4 Sep 1862, as shown in Deed Book E, page 361. N W Murphy deeded the 5/8 acre cemetery to the Trustees of Monticello Township on 26 Jun 1871. Now the cemetery is under the care of the Monticello Cemetery District Association, formed on May 5, 1936.

This is a beautiful family cemetery set on a rural road surrounded by prairie farmland and fronted by stone pillars and wrought iron gates. A plaque is on one of the stone pillars dedicating the gates to the memory of Emmett and Mary Murphy. The lot is immaculate, and dotted with several large trees.

The southern-most gate pillar and gate suffered a hit-and-run accident in 2006, causing extensive damage to the cemetery. The pillar was sheared off near the base and fell onto the gate, blocking the cemetery entrance and crushing the wrought-iron gate.