(Williams) Family Cemetery

About this Cemetery

This cemetery is a small family cemetery for the David M Williams family. The land was originally patented to Hiram Cummings and his wife Sarah as a grant from the United States as bounty land given to officers and soldiers under an act passed by Congress on 3 Mar 1855.

Hiram and Sarah Cummings sold land to David M Williams on 13 Mar 1864, as stated on the deed located in Book F, page 435, in the Johnson County Records and Tax Administration office. The land was later sold to Wm Wright and eventually fell to Sheriff A L Flanner to auction off, and Ray Goodloe won the auction.

The cemetery is located under trees in a nicely kept grassy area between two homes and is cared for by a next-door neighbor. A rough-hewn bench sits under the tree between two stones. Some of the stones are quite eroded. Some stones were obviously broken for some time, and then repaired. There are two empty stone settings for larger stones, and one broken small stone. Seven footstones have been placed in a row at the front of the cemetery, two of which are illegible. Behind and around one of the headstones I found two obvious footstones with no markings.

A reading of this cemetery was done by Charles and Pamela Mash, and Roy O. Evans Jr., date unknown, published in the Johnson County Cemetery Index, Genealogical Society and Library, 1975. This reading provides the names matching the legible stones in footstone row.

The oldest death date recorded in the Johnson County Cemetery Index, was that of Frank Cook, d. 06 Sep 1862. Frank was the husband of Elizabeth Williams, David's eldest child. As this death occurred prior to the Williams owning this land, it is possible he was removed to this location.

The next oldest death date, based on remaining stones, is that of Mary E Williams, d. 09 Oct 1870; Aged 2 m 7 d; Footstone M E W. Mary was most likely a grandchild of David Williams, possibly through his daughter Priscilla, who married a Williams.

The last few interments occurred in the 1890s. David's wife Eleanor passed in Aug 1890, marking the end of an era for the Williams family. Onie C Duke, b. 04 Jul 1877, d. 15 Jul 1898, appears to be the last interment in Family Cemetery.